Products I Love

these are some of the products and services I use to create a stronger, healthier lifestyle

Faster Way to Fat Loss Review

FASTERWay to Fat Loss Program

I watched this program via Instagram for a whole year before I finally joined! I guess I wasn't ready to commit. I finally joined in late March of 2022 and in 10 weeks I lost 8 pounds and started a real body transformation by lifting heavy weights to gain muscle. I feel so much more confident, capable and healthy. I don't hate food anymore. I don't struggle to know what workout to do or what to eat. And, if I have a bad day (or bad week), it's right there to guide me back. I love FASTERWay!

Organo Gold organic vegan coffee review

Organo Gold Coffee Products

I love this plant-based instant coffee that packs health benefits through the rare and exotic Ganoderma lucidum spore powder. (This is a mushroom used in Eastern medicine for centuries.) The Latte and Mocha packets are also delicious, healthy treats that I enjoy at least a few mornings a week. Organo costs about $.75- $1.25 per serving (so much less than the $6 per drink I was having at Starbucks. And this stuff is low sugar, healthy and delicious). Order online and make at home!

Green Compass Organic CBD Products

To say CBD has changed my life would be an understatement. I was experiencing anxiousness, grief, overwhelm and inability to focus during the pandemic. My family practice doc put me on a prescription anti-anxiety med. I gained 40 pounds, felt completely numb, and was super frustrated with how I looked and felt. After weaning myself off the Rx, I was looking for a natural way to find balance and feel better. A friend told me about CBD and I was curious (and desperate), so I tried it. Thank God I did. It's helped in so many ways, including balancing my mood, reducing wrist pain and clearing up fogginess.